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Your Quick Guide For Getting A Permanent Residency in Australia

Like every skilled professional, if you are also willing to move to the land with brimming work opportunities, Australia, and settle there, here is your quick guide. With the help of Australia Permanent Residency, you are allowed to live and work in Australia for 5 years. With the help of a visa leading to Permanent Residency in Australia, you can settle in this island continent on a permanent basis. An applicant needs to live in Australia for 4 years to avail citizenship. Permanent Residency in Australia has its own share of benefits that come with a set eligibility criterion. Let us explore all the details associated with this in the upcoming sections of this blog.

Eligibility Criteria: Australia Permanent Residency

  • You need to be under 45 years of age
  • Under the Point’s Grid, secure a minimum of 65 points (for subclass 189 and 190. Varies as per subclass)
  • English language test is mandatory. You can either give PTE with minimum 65 in each band or IELTS with minimum 7 in each band.
  • Your occupation should be on the Skill Occupation List that includes from the MLTSSL – Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List or STSOL – Small Term Skill Occupation List.
  • Select an appropriate program for PR visa.
  • On the basis of education background and work experience get your skill assessed
  • Meeting minimum Health Standards and Character Requirements

Australia Permanent Residency Procedures

  • Check your eligibility under the Point’s Grid – A total of 65 Points is required
  • Choose a relevant assessing body for your skill assessment. This is the first step of the process.
  • After your skill assessment, launch your EOI (Expression of Interest).
  • As per your score, you receive the Invitation to Apply (ITA) for the final stage
  • After submitting the medicals, you will receive your visa approval.

The Exact Processing Time for Australia PR Visa

Your application travels from one stage to another over a period of time. Let us calculate the exact processing time for the visa application process before you move to Australia:

  • Skill Assessment: A designated body assesses your skills that includes your education background and your relevant work experience. Once you submit all your documents, it takes 45 to 60 days of processing time.

  • Expression of Interest: This stage decides your eligibility score if your scores are higher, you have higher chances of receiving an ITA. This totally depends upon the scores.

  • Visa Application: Once you receive the ITA, you are required to submit the visa application to the Department of immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). This is done two months after you receive the ITA.

  • Medicals and Verifications: After the ITA, you are required to apply for the verification and medicals.

  • Visa Approval: After you submit all the mandatory documents, the DIBP runs a thorough research. Visa is granted only after the details satisfy the officials. This can take at least three to five months.

  • Preparation for Departure: Once the Visa is approved, you have six months to migrate to Australia.

Get Professionals to Help You

The above-mentioned eligibility criteria, procedures, and the processing time must be helpful for you to begin with your application. However, applying for Permanent Residency in Australia can be overwhelming. There are several procedures, documents, and assessments that you need to get a hold on. It is important to proceed as per a plan. Getting everything in flow can be a little problematic for a novice but with the help from immigration consultants, getting Australia Permanent Residency can become quick and easy.

With the experience of immigration consultants for Australia, one can get just the right assistance required for a hassle-free immigration. If you want to move to the beautiful island continent and get an Australia Permanent Resident Visa, get associated with immigration consultants.


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