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Canada is an independent federal state located in North America. She takes second place in the list of the largest countries in the world and is washed by the waters of the Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic oceans.

The nature of Canada has one of the most diverse and rich landscapes. Here you can find the tundra, coniferous forests, endless steppes, and even taiga. The country is rich in long rivers, deep lakes, and powerful waterfalls. The official languages of the state are French and English. Still, due to the massive influx of tourists, you can find many other languages on the streets of resort towns, so the language barrier will not complicate tours of Canada. The country’s national currency is the Canadian dollar, and the capital of the state is Ottawa.

Possible Canada Tours

Canada is recognized as one of the best countries for ski resorts. Winter sports enthusiasts will appreciate the country’s stunning mountains and the opportunity to ride on the best slopes of the world. Fans of skis, snowboarding, and other entertainment come here because the prices for tours to Canada allow you to enjoy skiing in the snow-capped mountains. Vacationers who want to try extreme tours will appreciate the opportunity to ride kayaks, kayaks, visit the dense steppes, endless taiga, and even try to overcome the rapid flow of rivers. And unique landscapes and views will appeal to all nature lovers.

Giant Migration offers you several strategies for obtaining a Canada visit visa from Dubai & Abu Dhabi today:

  • Tours and organized trips for people with an extensive tourist history
  • Invitation from family or friends
  • Invitation from Canadian Companies, business tours
  • Organization of attendance at professional seminars, conferences, and
  • Escort of children in a summer, winter camp

The decision to issue a tourist visa is made by the Embassy of Canada in the applicant’s country of residence/citizenship. This decision is not made spontaneously but is based on several important factors: your solvency, employment in the state of residence, and also the confidence of the emigration officer that at the end of the visit, you will return to the country of residence.

The right strategy and well-designed documents increase your chances of getting a favorable decision. Our statistics show that 8 out of 10 of our clients successfully received a Canada visa from Dubai and were able to enter Canada without any problems or the grueling collection of unnecessary documents.

In cases of refusal, we resort to the appeal procedure using the CAIPS system, which allows you to access your file and the officer’s comments regarding the rejection, analyze the weaknesses of your application, and take appropriate measures to eliminate them.

A tourist in Canada has many opportunities to stay on Canadian soil legally: to take a language course and go to study at a higher educational institution; get a professional license or find an employer who will appreciate your skills; undertake a study visit to one of the provinces and receive her support in emigration; or if there is a motive, to surrender to refugee.

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