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Giant Migration Would Assist You In Obtaining A Study Visa For Your Education In The UK.

Studying abroad is the choice of parents who are not indifferent to their children’s fate and aimed at the success of young people. The UK is one of the most popular countries where you can expand your child’s horizons and your own. Many language camps, courses, prestigious schools, colleges, and universities make the parent country successfully spread English on our planet the most attractive place for people who like to train their intellect and develop related abilities.

You can visit the United Kingdom for tourism, business, starting a family, and for many other reasons. But if the purpose of the trip is to study, you need one of the study visas.

The first question that a person who is planning to apply for a study visa would ask is which subcategory to choose?

According to the UK immigration rules, all international students who are not citizens of the European Union and arrive in the country to receive education for 6 months or more, require a student visa of the 4th category (general).

A visa is issued according to a point system in which you need to score 40 points:

30 points are awarded for confirmation of admission to study from the university (CAS Statement);

10 points for confirming the availability of funds.

After accepting the enrollment, the university will send you a letter of CAS Statement and instructions for obtaining a visa.

Required Documents

  • Valid passport
  • Previous passports (if any)
  • School Invitation
  • UAE citizen’s passport
  • UK Embassy Visa Application Form (completed online in English)
  • Certificate of employment or place of study
  • Documentary evidence of funds for travel, stay and study in the UK
  • Birth certificate and notarized consent to leave if the traveler is under 18 years old and he travels alone or with one of the parents
  • If you do not pay the trip, a certificate of employment, confirmation of funds availability, and a sponsorship letter from the sponsor of the tour are required.
  • Other documents explaining your situation and confirming your connection with your          homeland
  • If your parents pay for your education, you must provide a statement from the parent’s account with the above requirements

A student visa is valid for up to 6 months. For long-term language courses, a visa can be open for up to 11 months. If your studies last for more than 6 months, you will additionally need to take a tuberculosis test and pay a medical fee.

All documents you want to submit in support of your application must be scanned and downloaded in your account on the visa center’s website. You can also bring originals or copies of documents with you, and they will be scanned upon submission at an additional cost.

Our assistance in applying for a UK student visa:

  • Free UK student visa assessment
  • Advice on the formation of a package of documents for the British Embassy
  • Filling out the embassy application form in English
  • Verification of submitted documents
  • Translation of documents into English (if necessary)
  • Booking the date and time of filing, downloading documents to the embassy in         electronic form
  • Tracking output documents

Giant Migration will be happy to help you. Get a student visa to the UK! In the UK, nearly a thousand students have already studied with whom we applied for permits. Come and apply for a UK student visa!

With years of professional experience and expertise in this field, we understand exactly what the applicant’s paperwork must look like to ensure that he/she gets a student visa. And we’re happy to give you this stuff.

You could perhaps save yourself and the future student from unnecessary stress by handing the professional implementation of the visa documents to Giant Migration professionals.

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