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Today, the most significant number of international students around the world are studying in the United States. Why is it worthwhile to get an education in the USA? Such popularity of American universities among people of other countries is attributed to the provision of quality education, diverse viewpoints, and a wide variety of modern specialties.

Education received in America is in demand all over the world today. Many people come from across the globe to get secondary or higher education in the US, take advanced training courses, or learn English. The most common type of visa, in this case, is the F1 visa, which allows you to study in an extensive range of educational institutions. And, of course, like any visa to this country, a student visa to America has some design features.

So, a student visa to the United States for citizens of UAE can be issued for various periods, depending on the duration of the training program, but not for more than 12 months. If training takes several years (for example, at a college or university), a new visa must be obtained annually. Moreover, the number of entries is determined by the visa officer, and the Border Guard officer determines the number of stay days. A visa can be given for one entry strictly for the duration of the study, or for a whole year with the ability to enter the country repeatedly – it all depends on the program you have chosen.

To apply for a student visa to America, you need to go through several stages. First, you need to decide on the program and educational institution. Further, by contacting him and making advance payment for the course, you will receive a special form I-20, which is the starting point for obtaining a study visa in the United States. The next step is to fill out the questionnaire, pay the consular fee for a student visa, as well as the SEVIS fee. After that, it remains to collect the necessary documents and sign up for an interview at the US Embassy. When obtaining a student visa, communication with an officer almost always occurs in English, so preparation is especially important.

It is worth mentioning separately that for non-academic studies (for example, at a vocational school or technical school), you will need a different type of visa – M1. Still, the list of documents and the process of applying for it is the same as for an F1 visa. Therefore, at the initial stage, it is vital to decide which of these two visas is suitable in your case. By the way, it may happen that none of the two: if you want to take a non-intensive language course (less than 18 hours a week), then you should apply for a tourist visa B1 / B2, which exists, including for this purpose. Thus, you can combine business with pleasure.

Required documents for a student visa in the USA

  1. Invitation from school:​ Without this document in hand, it is impossible to apply for a study visa to America. An invitation from a university, school, or course that confirms the availability of a seat reserved for you and assigns you an identification number is called Form I-20.
  2. Receipt of payment of the SEVIS fee​: Passing training for a program that requires I-20 registration requires payment of a special fee called SEVIS (it is $ 200). It must be paid on the US Immigration Police website online, also before applying for a visa.
  3. Financial documents of the applicant or sponsor​: Without financial guarantees, it is impossible to get a student visa in the USA, however, like any other. They can be provided by both the applicant himself and his sponsor (usually these are parents)
  4. Additional documents for a student visa​: In each case, you may need some other documents supporting your application.

The Giant Migration team will be happy to help you choose an educational institution in the United States, both for learning English and for studying at a college or university in the USA. We will help you open a visa, clarify the cost, tell you how to apply for a student visa, write it for submission to the US Embassy and advise you on an interview for a visa. Student American visa is issued for the period stated in the documents from the educational institution.

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    Immigration programs are designed for people who want to study abroad or who want to immigrate to a specific country. Several countries have immigration programs for foreign students and professionals. If one chooses to participate in such a program, they will be able to migrate to these countries, either permanently or temporarily. There are various types of visas available, including travel visas, student visas, and business visas. Each visa type is determined based on the individual’s needs and plans in the country of their choice.


    A visa permit is the legal document and authorization that allows a person to enter a country. If a person is traveling to a country other than their home country for any reason, they must have specific visa documents stating their purpose and intent. To authenticate the visa, one must verify their identity and provide numerous documents. Once obtained, the visa permit allows you to travel to your desired country to carry out your stated purpose.


      • USA
      • UK
      • Canada
      • Australia
      • Singapore

    These countries are popular for both permanent immigration and studying, traveling, and even starting a business.


    One must be very clear about which visa category they fall under. Once one knows this, they can find out how long they can stay and other important information. There are various types of visa applications that are classified based on the migrant’s needs.


    The length of your procedure is entirely determined by how it is carried out. It is always a good idea to consult with experts or people who are familiar with immigration and visa applications. It is critical to submit authentic and validated documents; doing so completes half of the process. Any information that is not provided, is incorrect, or is unauthorized will lengthen the application period and increase the likelihood of your application being rejected.


    There are several prerequisites for studying abroad. From having your degree certificates and school certificates to ensuring that your English proficiency exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, and so on are given and cleared successfully. These are just a few of the requirements for studying abroad. The most important step here is to take foreign going competitive examinations such as English proficiency examinations, SAT, GRE, GMAT, and so on. It is also critical to have your documents prepared by a professional to reduce the likelihood of errors and duplication.



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