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Germany is rightfully considered one of the most successful and stable countries in the world. This fact is confirmed by the scale of economic development and the standard of living of German citizens.

To obtain a work visa in Germany, you must have a legal place of employment, state-registered as an internship, seasonal work, or work for a qualified specialist. For legal work in Germany, you must first obtain permission from the Federal Employment Office. It checks your data and makes sure that neither German citizens nor citizens of other EU countries apply for the position you have indicated.

The category of qualified specialists does not mean all professions, but only those indicated in the so-called Positive List – a list of the most popular specialized professions that are lacking in the German labor market

Specialists of unregulated professions have the right if there is a job offer confirmed by the Federal Employment Bureau, to start work without going through the full qualification confirmation procedure (diploma assessment only). And without knowledge of the German language (if the employer does not require such a condition). But it is worth noting that having passed this procedure and having a good command of German at least at the primary level, your chances of finding a job will increase significantly.

Germany also provides an opportunity for students from other countries to take an internship at their enterprises. This is a great chance to see the developed, technological, modernized production facilities, firms, and organizations from the inside and gain valuable experience in your profession. The most accessible areas for practice in Germany are agriculture and tourism.

In agriculture, you can perform harvesting work (vegetables, berries, work in greenhouses). In the tourism industry, you can work as a waiter or maid (in this case, the employer usually applies the requirement for knowledge of German / English at an intermediate level).

The German authorities value their dominant position very much and are well aware that the country’s well-being includes, first of all, economic growth and social security of the population. Ensuring the maximum employment of local residents is the main task. By the way, unemployment in Germany in 2020 does not exceed 4%. Great rate.

One of the main conditions for official employment in German territory is to obtain a work visa to Germany. This is a mandatory requirement for citizens of the UAE and many other countries planning to conduct long-term labor activities (more than 3 months).

Citizens of Israel, Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, the Republic of Korea, and the United States have the opportunity to come to Germany in advance without a visa and after looking for a job to obtain a residence permit with the right to work. All other foreigners, including Emiratis for labor migration to Germany, must first (before moving) to apply for a work visa at the German Consulate in their country.

Graduates of German universities or foreign universities whose diplomas are recognized in Germany have the right to enter the country (on a special visa) to find work for up to 6 months. To do this, you need to provide evidence of financial security to cover living expenses. Until the conclusion of the contract,

All documentation is submitted personally to the German Consulate in the country of residence. The term for considering an application for a work visa to Germany can take from 6 to 12 weeks. Usually, a visa is issued for 1-2 years with the right to renew. After moving within 7 days, you need to visit the local registration office (Einwohnermeldedemt) at the residence location and apply to the immigration office (Ausländeramt) for a residence permit.

Securing a work visa is not a simple process, requiring a large number of documents to be obtained, verifying the candidate’s exceptional ability to obtain a work visa and the authenticity of the invitation from the German company.

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