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Australia is a unique country, the territory occupied by the whole homonymous continent along with Tasmania and several islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. For thousands of years, the mysterious Great Southern Land, developed in isolation from the influence of the outside world, Terra Incognita has formed a fantastic world of flora and fauna. 20% of the species of the Australian fauna are endemic, that is, you will not meet them outside the lands of the Green Continent.

Australia is the home of the marsupial squad, and the well-known jumping symbol of the country, the handsome kangaroo proudly holds a shield on the country’s national emblem paired with a non-volatile, but incredibly fast “bird” emu.

Australia is impressive, amazing, attracts travelers, thrill-seekers, and extreme lovers to its distant shores. As part of tours to Australia, you will receive some of the best conditions on the Planet for surfing and diving, as well as exploring our lesser friends and the plant world.

Australia Climate

When planning a tour to Australia, it is worth considering the climatic features of the country. Travel to Australia – a trip to the other side of the Planet, a trip to the country “upside-down.” The weather seasons, as the opposites of the “old world” suppose, have changed places – winter comes here in June, and summer starts in December.

Australia is located in 3 main warm climatic zones:

Subequatorial – Northern Australia (flat average annual air temperature 23-24 degrees, a large amount of precipitation 1000-1500 mm per year)

Tropical Center (the central part of the Australian continent is deserted, and the climate is appropriate – summer daytime temperatures reach +45, nighttime -4-6 degrees Celsius, low humidity)

Subtropical – South Australia (seasons stand out; in the Australian summer (December-February) the air temperature rises to 30 or more degrees Celsius, and in winter (June-August) it drops to an average of 10-15 degrees)

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