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New Zealand holds a leading position in the field of education. And this is not surprising, because the country generously finances educational institutions and monitors compliance with high educational standards. The number of international students who want to get a diploma from a New Zealand university is increasing every year. The education system of New Zealand is built on the British model, including the path from elementary school to high school.

International students have the right to study in private secondary schools from the age of 13 and continue their education at the Polytechnic or Technological Institute or immediately at the university. In total, New Zealand has eight universities and 25 polytechnic and technological institutes. Each educational institution has its focus and specificity. For example, Auckland University, the most popular among international students, is known for its departments of business and architecture. The University of Otago has its faculty of medicine, and the University of Canterbury has a faculty for training specialists in agriculture.

To obtain a bachelor’s diploma, you need to study for 3 years, and a bachelor’s diploma with honors is obtained after 4 years. It’s worth spending this extra year on training because employers prefer diligent and competent specialists. It should also be borne in mind that medical education will require six years of practice, and an engineer – four. A master’s degree can be obtained in two years, and with good grades in one year. Most often, foreigners enter polytechnics, where they can get a specialty from a year to three years, and then continue their studies at the university from the second year. Local universities willingly cooperate with relevant institutions, so admission is not tricky.

Education in New Zealand is conducted in English, which is one of the states. Upon admission, knowledge of the language must be confirmed by an international certificate such as IELTS. You can also significantly improve your understanding of the language in specialized courses that immerse as much as possible into the language environment and give a quick positive result.

Since New Zealand universities’ diplomas are internationally recognized, they are highly quoted globally and, above all, in countries such as the UK, the USA, and Canada. At the same time, the cost of studying and living here is much lower compared to European and American universities. And after graduation, about 70% of graduates successfully continue to build their careers in other countries. But many students would like to stay in New Zealand and connect their lives with their native places. And such an opportunity exists!

A country with a minimum level of unemployment (4%) makes it possible not only to get an education, but also to combine work and study legally, and even if you want to stay at work after graduation. The state is interested in qualified personnel; therefore, a unique immigration program has been created for foreign graduates. Two years later, you can get a residence permit in the country. Some universities even help their students find work – their course of study includes a paid internship. Students with the highest scores are eligible for scholarships and research, for which grants are awarded.

All these factors make New Zealand extremely attractive in the eyes of students around the world. All conditions for productive study and internship, comfortable living, and further integration into society are created here.

A student visa to New Zealand is granted for the duration of the student’s studies. Around the same time, the validity of the visa can not surpass one year. When the length of the study is longer than one year, the documents must be retrieved and presented again for the second year of the study.

While applying for a student visa, you must submit an invitation from the academic institution and also documents validating financial viability. The student or his funders must have the funds to pay for the selected course of study, to live in New Zealand for the full period of validity of the visa, to pay for air tickets, insurance, etc. Under New Zealand law, the student is required to pay for their education in full after prior approval in principle and before entering the country.

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