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Get A Study Visa For Your Child’s Education In Australia

Studying in Australia is the right choice. Universities offer a considerable number of the most diverse programs, including dual undergraduate programs. Most double bachelor’s degrees are provided in the areas of humanities, commerce, law, and the exact sciences.

As mentioned earlier, studying at universities is quite complicated; therefore, Foundation training programs have been specially created for international students, lasting from six months to a year. Students study not only academic English but also several specialized subjects that will form the basis of training for a bachelor’s degree. Successful completion of the Foundation program guarantees admission to 1 course.

Higher education in Australia is based on the British system of education. But at the same time, it has some features associated with the university management system. All state educational institutions of the country receive permission to teach from the state, but federal nuances affect the development of curricula.

Studying in Australia is not only about lectures, seminars, or colloquiums. First of all, this is research and the development of practical experience. But this is not limited to it. Wherever you study, you will meet everywhere because the teaching staff regularly organizes any trips with cognitive goals to unusual places on the continent.

To enter the university for undergraduate studies, as well as for graduate studies, is possible directly without a preparatory year. But it all depends on your academic base.

Admission to the bachelor:

Since admission to a bachelor’s degree at an Australian university requires 12 years of secondary education, there are 2 options for Emiratis applicants:

Option 1: Admission to the Foundation program (1 year) after grade 11, then direct admission to the university.

Option 2: After grade 11, you need to study for 1 or 2 years at any UAE university and then go directly.

If you want to enroll in a magistracy, you will need a bachelor’s diploma from an Emiratis university.

Studying at the University of Australia is very interesting; the most difficult will always be the first year of study. Still, it is worth it to explore the beautiful Green Continent!

Australian university degrees are highly regarded throughout the world. Universities with international branches participate in student exchange programs. In this country, with a high standard of living, economic potential, and the need for various specialists, favorable migration policy is in place. After completing the undergraduate program, a student can get a work visa for two years—a promising area in the hospitality industry, which is actively developing in Australia.

Giant Migration company will help you choose the right educational institution and arrange all the necessary documents for successful enrollment. We conduct pre-testing to develop the most effective training program, organize study tours, and supervise students after admission, helping them to solve issues related to adaptation and education in Australia.

Could you leave a request or contact us by phone? Giant Migration experts will help you choose the right educational institution and program, apply for documents and a visa, prepare for admission and study, and successfully enroll.

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