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How to submit a passport at VFS global for a Canada visa

How to submit a passport at VFS global for a Canada visa


Ah, Canada! What a wonderful land of maple syrup, majestic mountains, and mount opportunities. Well, if you are a seasoned entrepreneur who wants to make some expansion or a skilled professional seeking a dynamic work environment or maybe an ambitious student Earning for old class education, Canada is a perfect place for everything. But wait before you plan back your winter coat and all the necessary things give a thought to secure a Canadian visa.

Let’s dive deep into the process of submitting a passport at VFS Global for a Canadian visa application . We will make sure that you will find insights, clear instructions and answers to frequently asked questions to ensure a smooth and stress free experience.

Let’s decode the visa landscape

Canada has a diverse visa portfolio, catering to your unique dreams, and here is a cheat sheet to identify the visa that unlocks your Canadian aspirations:

  • Canada business visa – Your gateway to short-term visits for crucial conferences, contract negotiations, or exploring the lucrative business partnerships.
  • Canada work visa – Well, this opens the door to long-term employment opportunities in Canada provided that you are seeking guidance from a business visa consultant or maybe Canada business Visa consultant in Dubai for a comprehensive strategy.
  • Canada study visa – It paves the way for academic pursuits at prestigious Canadian institutions. Also, a Canadian study visa consultant in Dubai can streamline this application process.
  • Canada start-up Visa – Now, this is designed for innovative entrepreneurs, aiming to establish and grow their businesses in CANADA. Moreover, advice from a canada startup visa from Dubai can streamline the application process.

Let’s illuminate all the important information related to Application Form .

The online application form is actually very important and a cornerstone of your Visa. Be very sure and meticulous file filling it out.

  • Passport details – Make sure that you are providing accurate information with your name, date of birth, nationality, or contact details.
  • Passport information – you have to enter your passport number, issue and expiry dates. Also do mention the place of issuance .
  • Travel information – While filling this online application form  , specify your intended travel dates, your purpose of visit and time duration of stay in Canada.
  • Supporting documents – Do upload all the required documents as per the visa category that you have chosen. You have to double check the official Canada government website for the complete list to avoid any delay at the last moment.
  • Biometrics – After taking care of the above steps, you might need to schedule a biometric appointment at a VFS global center for fingerprints and photograph capture.


Well, after you have completed the  online application form and approved all the documents. It’s now the time to submit your passport and here’s a breakdown of the process.

  • Payment – You have to requisite visa application fee, and any additional service charges levied by VFS global.
  • Print and sign – Print the completed application form and sign it at the designated section
  • An appointment – Some visa types might require you to book an appointment for in person document submission at VFS global.
  • Passport submission – you have to ensure that your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your intended stay in Canada and has sufficient blank pages for visa stamps.


Well, if you make your appointment, make sure that you submit your passport along with the printed application format supporting documents, and if not, make sure to send all the necessary things via designated courier service.


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Let’s look at some frequently asked questions now so that it could run more smoothly for you.

  1. What happens after submitting my passport?

Well, after submitting your passport, VFS Global will forward your application to the Canadian Visa office for the process, and you will receive updates on the status of your application via email or SMS .

  1. Can I track my application status?

Yes, obviously, you can’t track the process of your application by logging into your VFS Global account .

  1. How long does the processing take?

Will that totally depend upon the visa type workload at the Canadian Visa office and individual circumstances. Our suggestion would be to submit your application well in advance from your planned travel date.

  1. What happens if my visa application is refused?

In this case, you will receive a notification, outlining the reasons for the refusal of your Visa application . You can choose to reapply or address the issues raised in the refusal letter or best would be to consider seeking guidance from a reputable immigration consultant for assistance.

  1. Do Canadian visa officers check social media?

Well, they might conduct social media checks in some cases. Consider maintaining a professional online persona for the duration of your application process.A profile overflowing with party pictures or controversial content could raise red flags.


Well, that’s all. by following the steps and referring the extended guide that we have provided above, we have tried to accept you with the knowledge to navigate the passport submission process at VFS global for your current visa application, but at the same time, only information doesn’t work, you have to do  meticulous preparation, submit accurate information, and complete documentation to ensure a smooth and successful journey towards your Canadian aspirations.


However, the story doesn’t end here as you have to submit your passport, and then VFS Global will forward your application to the Canada Visa office for processing. You have to stay vigilant by tracking the status of your application via email or SMS updates. Also processing times may vary so submit your application in advance from the plan, travel date.

Still, if you feel any sort of hesitation, make sure to see guidance from a reputable immigration consultant so that their invaluable support throughout the process can ensure your application getting a visa .

With dedication and knowledge that we have provided, you will be well on your way to crack the Canadian code and secure your Visa . We all wish you all the very best to get ready and impress the adventure that way to the majestic landscape and boundless opportunity of CANADA.



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