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Great Britain has long been famous for its mysterious centuries-old history, reminiscent of itself with stone castles, abandoned dungeons, architectural monuments of different eras, beautiful palace gardens and cobbled streets. British Island is unusually diverse and abundant. So, any tour to the UK from UAE is a meeting of times and customs, past and present. The calm beauty of rural landscapes and the noise of evening London, the opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of old conservative England and feel the modern image of the past of the great empire.

Tours to the UK are famous for their versatility and vastness. History buffs will be able to enjoy world-famous sights personally: this is the ancient Stonehenge Observatory. History buffs will be able to personally experience the world-famous attractions:- and the residence of the royal family – Buckingham Palace – and the famous Big Ben.

Fans of outdoor activities will have a wonderful time at such resorts as Bath, Cheltenham, Leamington, connoisseurs of real music will find inspiration by visiting the Beatles’ homeland and attending numerous music festivals. Moreover, tours to the UK are always an additional opportunity to improve their knowledge of the English language, and various galleries, museums, and exhibitions of contemporary art will not leave even the most distant tourist from painting.

It is also worth noting that London is the world capital of fashion, so shopping tours to the UK are gaining popularity year after year.

Tours to the UK are always an adventure filled with the sounds of the Scottish bagpipes, the warmth of alpine whiskey, the comfort of a traditional English home, British stiffness, legends of family castles and Gothic cathedrals.

UK Climate

Going on a tour of the UK, it is worth paying attention to the climate. The most pleasant time for organizing tours to the UK is June-July. The length of the day at this time is 19 hours. However, trips in the UK have never been limited to just two months, as this country is beautiful at any time of the year. Spring England is foggy in the north, but glorious weather reigns in the south. The UK does not know the harsh winters, so the tours in the Christmas period are trendy, because who does not want to see the snowy crowns of old English trees, frozen shop windows, and street lights.

Tours to London

The historic city, the birthplace of Sherlock Holmes, is one of the most mysterious cities in the world. No UK tour is complete without inspection:

  • Trafalgar Square
  • Big Ben
  • The formidable Tower and
  • The London Eye

It is not necessary to travel all over the UK to fall in love with it forever – only a tour to London will be an unforgettable adventure!

If you still decide to visit the UK, you will not have problems with choosing a tour: the variety of tours is incredible! Excursion budget tours of London, two-week tours around the Island of Britain, tours to Scotland, tours to Wales, a visit to Southern England, a trip to Northern England. The list is endless

Start your trip with the details of visa formalities, as the Island is not part of the Schengen area.

Giant Migration will be happy to help you apply for a UK visa according to the purpose of your visit. The British are requesting an impressive package of documents, but EXCELLENT issuance of visas and ALWAYS for 6 months for multiple entries. This allows you to plan several trips to the British Isles with 1 valid visa.

But no matter what you choose and wherever you go to the UK, any tour from Giant Migration will be an incredible adventure for you! Great Britain will meet you at any time of the year with cozy hotels, a rainbow atmosphere, and excellent restrained English hospitality.

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