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Permanent Residents Status in Canada Comes Hand-in-Hand With Benefits

A permanent resident is offered the permanent resident status by immigrating to Canada but is not a Canadian Citizen. It essentially means that a permanent resident is the one who is a citizen of another country. Students or foreign workers living temporarily in Canada don’t become permanent resident automatically. Similarly, a person with refugee claims in Canada doesn’t become a permanent resident without a proper application process.

The Permanent Resident Card is your proof of permanent resident status in Canada. You will be required to show the card along with your passport when you travel back to Canada from any other country. The Permanent Resident status in Canada brings with it a set of benefits.

  • Freedom of Movement – Your mobility rights when you become a Canadian permanent resident entitles you to live anywhere in Canada, to become employed. It allows you to move freely among the provinces. One essential caveat is your choice of Province. When you express your interest in moving to a particular province, or area of the country you have to be truthful. Hence, be sure to initially move and live in that province, subsequently after a considerable amount of time in that province your freedom of mobility will allow you to move anywhere you want in Canada.

  • Educational Benefits – Canadian permanent resident up to the age of 18 is permitted to go to a Canadian publicly funded school. Canadian permanent residence doesn’t allow free of cost post-secondary education, this means you have to bear some cost of education. Individuals who want to pursue post-secondary education have to pay for that higher-level learning. What’s interesting though is the fact that the cost of post-secondary education is considerably lower if you’re a Canadian permanent resident, as compared to if you’re a foreign student. Hence, people wish to become Canadian permanent residence in terms of the cost of educations.

For example, the McGill University tuition fees for 2019-2020 are $2,544 for a Quebec resident, $7,940 for other Canadians and $18,110-$48,747 for international students, depending on the program of study.

  • Healthcare Benefits – Another important area is healthcare. As a Canadian permanent resident, you have access to all the universal healthcare coverage. For most individuals, there is a consideration as to when you begin to qualify for Canada’s universal healthcare coverage. There happens to be no waiting period for six provinces, while the other four demand 3 months waiting period. In provinces with a waiting period, the new resident is responsible for making payment of the entire cost of medical services, including hospital fees, even in an emergency. It would be ideal on your part to opt for third-party healthcare insurance.

  • Taxation Benefits – Income tax payment in Canada is based on residence. Unlike the United States, where citizenship is the test for whether you continue to contribute to US taxation. In Canada, the taxation system is dependant on the residence and is taxed on your worldwide income. Canadian government’s taxation system is marginal. It’s marginal and shared between the federal government and the provinces. Hence, each jurisdiction has its own set of tax requirements. What it means is that your first level of earnings will be taxed at the pre-decided rate over that particular threshold and have a different rate for each successive marginal increase in income tax. The province and federal go together on the taxation system.  

In a nut shell, you enjoy various benefits once you obtain the permanent resident status in Canada.

  • Social benefits are inclusive of healthcare coverage, educational rights, and much more.
  • Live, work, and study anywhere in Canada.
  • Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects the rights under Canadian law.
  • Eligible to apply for Canadian Citizenship.

If you wish to apply for Permanent Residency, visit the official site for legitimate information.


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