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Mandatory Registration for Social Workers to undertake employment in New Zealand

New Zealand immigration consultants in Dubai

New Zealand is a high favorite among many people because of its remarkable offering to people in the form of good ecology, constantly listed in best places to live, high opportunity for working professionals, and those who visit it even once for trips and tours. It could be highly possible that you would be wanting to shift to this place of opportunity, though for legally immigrating you need to gain a residence permit in this country.

The opportunities are high, and we have been regularly able to provide student visas or other modes to those who want to visit New Zealand. We make the immigration to this beautiful nation seem easy and seamless. We have placed residence permits to a range of people with different categories, including immigration for students, immigration for work, family residence. Social workers can now get permits with these New Zealand immigration consultants in Dubai.

What are different residence permits?

There are a lot of options for those who want to shift to this place, and this immigration could be done in following ways. Get in contact with us for an efficient and seamless process with this New Zealand immigration consultants in Dubai.

  • Skilled Immigration is for those working individuals under the age of 55 who want to seek work in this nation and gain immigration afterwards. Some conditions such as English proficiency, skilled proof, and other migration criteria’s need to be met before this transaction can be made possible.
  • Work Residence is however not so long, as it only consists of a visa for 2 years. We can help you provide a work visa with less effort on your part, with an impeccable experience in consultation immigration.

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  • Family Immigration could be provided to those people who have relatives living in this New Zealand, or by marrying a citizen of this nationality.
  • Expression of interest is, however, need to be provided before seeking the immigration to this country. You need to score points on this card to seek immigration into New Zealand. We provide the effortless immigration to New Zealand including permanent residence or temporary residence depending on your needs. You can now avail these easily after getting in contact with our Dubai Consultancy. We have been highly successful in providing immigration to social workers, after fulfilling the required criteria.


New Zealand Immigration for social workers

To get a social worker immigration there are certain steps to be followed. First, they must be registered to practice social work in New Zealand, along with the mandatory registration with The SWRB. This regulator is the only organization authorized to register social workers and are the primary criteria to be met before this change should take place. 

The registration with this body must take place as it decides upon the code of conduct and are part of a fully professional workforce. Get in contact with us to complete this step effectively, and we would be more than happy to help you through this process till the end process and get you placed effectively.


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