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IRCC Introduces Online App Portal for Applying In 7 Immigration Programs

IRCC Introduces Online App Portal

Immigrating to another country, by leaving your home country usually means either you are leaving your country to set up business abroad or to study in a reputed university or for settling for whole life, it could be any reason. But you need to filtrate through many legal processes and paperwork before migrating for different purposes outside your home country. IRCC visa offices are situated in Canadian embassies and they work in felicitating the arrival of immigrants, protect refugees, and offers settling programs to migrants for subsiding in Canada.

Giant migration is a platform from where clients come up to refrain their queries about immigration and visa, and they are qualified as the best immigration consultants because they have fine knowledge of visas and years of experience in the market. Find them online to hire the exquisite immigration services, because they are proficient in the same, by applying best practices and knowledge. Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada has a newly introduced online app portal that helps in applying for 7 different immigration programs for migrants who want to situate in Canada, the 7 programs are as follows:

  • Non-Express Entry Provincial Nominee Program (PNP): This program works for the migrants who are skilled and can invest in the economy of the county and want to live as a permanent resident.
  • Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot: This is a community-driven program, which is made to cater benefits of economic immigration for smaller communities to give them a resident ship of Canada and work over there.

  • Agri-food pilot program: It is made to help to counter labour needs for the Canadian Agri-food line, in which a pilot provides the pathway to permanent residence to the people who are experienced in specific industries.
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot: A program in which Atlantic Canada hires employers with foreign skills who want to immigrate to Atlantic Canada and graduated who want to become a permanent resident of Atlantic Canada.
  • Quebec Selected Investor Program: In this particular program it is made for investors and also for entrepreneurs who want to settle in Canada as a permanent resident and looking to invest or start a new business. 
  • Quebec entrepreneur program: any person who wants to start a new business and invert into a venture of an established business in Canada by acquiring a permanent resident ship of the country. This program is specially made for them.
  • What Is Quebec Self-Employed Persons Program: any individual who wants to create their job and want to work as an employee in a firm in Canada, can especially apply to this program and get a permanent resident for the country.

Giant migration is a podium for all such programs that take pride in planting these services constantly because they are renowned as the best Canada immigration consultants. They have a fine consultation technique that is given by professional experts by one-to-one sessions. 


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