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Everything You Must Know about Australian Immigration during COVID-19

Australian Immigration

During this global health crisis which is the coronavirus pandemic, every government is introducing its own restrictions that works the best to help safeguard their residents. The Australian government has also taken some health measures and introduced some restrictions to help the visa holders of different categories. These are inclusive of student visa holders, citizenship applicants, and also B visa. Know more about the restriction in a little more depth:

  • Citizenship applicants – The residence requirement which is laid down by the government must be fulfilled by the people who have applied for citizenship. The person applying must have fulfilled the following requirements:
  • The person must have stayed in the country for four years or more. 
  • The person must hold a year as a PR visa holder. 

The above two are important requirements and need to be fulfilled at all costs. No relaxation will be levied on the above mentioned pre requisites.

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  • Student Visa Holder – The student visa holders who are currently residing in Australia can definitely opt for online classes, since the on-location classes have been suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic. Earlier the rule laid for student visa holders allowed them to work for 40 hours only in a fortnight, however, present conditions have introduced more than 40 hours of work in supermarkets, which is going to help in the realm of essential services. However, students must know that this is a temporary increment, for a short period of time, and is only applicable for students working in supermarkets.
  • Visitor’s Visa Holder – The visitors who are currently stuck in Australia due to the COVID movement restriction, can definitely apply for an extension of their visitor visa. This can be helpful for those whose visa might be expiring soon, but they still can’t return back to their home country. For those who have a visa with no further stay clause are the ones who can’t apply for an extension. In this case, the applicant can consider onshore visitor option (subclass 600) visa, which helps extend their stay as well as seek the help of a migration consultant. 
  • Bridging Visa B holders – These are the class of visa holders who couldn’t return to Australia prior to expiration of visa and now must re-apply. These are the ones who will be granted a visitor visa. After they reach Australia they are eligible to apply for a bridging Visa A.

The immigration process, rules, and of all different governments are hit due to COVID-19. It is very important that you understand what the new rules, regulations, and norms are of making this big shift. You must consult a reliable and experienced Australian immigration Consultants in Dubai to help you with all the things you must know about the latest updates and changes in the immigration rules. Giant Migration is one such Australian migration agency in Dubai that is known to help people immigrate without any trouble. Contact us, to know more!


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