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Best Canada Immigration Consultants in Dubai 

The Best Canada Immigration Consultants in Dubai


Canada, the nation of prospects, has a low rate of unemployment, implying that the nation and Canadian firms give employment opportunities in a wide range of professions and sectors. As a result, Canada ranks as one of the most desirable destinations for employment, education, and residence.


Because of its older population and declining birth rate, the nation is also experiencing a severe lack of workers in several sectors and areas. This compels the Canadian government to establish and implement laws that enable skilled workers, immigrants, and professionals to find employment in Canada, establish an influential career, and provide for their families.


The best Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai are specialists in the Canadian legal system. They are recognized as authorized Canadian Immigration Consultants in UAE with the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council). Giant Migration, also recognized as the best firm in Dubai for Canadian immigration, as an approved Canadian Immigration Consultants in Dubai, offers all required services to assist interested individuals in migrating to Canada as soon as possible.

Top Immigration Consultants in Dubai for Canada

The most significant advantage of hiring a Canada immigration consultants in Dubai is that they will save you a considerable amount of time and money. You will also get the essential legal assistance during the process. Moreover, an immigration counselor will assist you with the paperwork and documents, as well as accompany you throughout the procedure. This gives you more time to concentrate on other critical areas of your strategy. Usually, the consultant will assist you in determining the optimal immigration track and visa alternatives for you. As a result, the appropriate consultant serves as a link between you and Canada. While searching for immigration consultants, it is important to consider the services they provide as well as the credentials they have.

In 2023, these are the most popular and top immigration consultants in Dubai for Canada.


  1. Giant Migration
  • The best Canada immigration consultants in dubai supports customers in completing a simple and easy visa application procedure in order to acquire access into the chosen country. With direct knowledge and experience to provide a simple immigration procedure which others are unable to match. The Giant Migration team is made up of highly qualified professionals, each of whom is trained to handle a certain component of the visa application procedure and it is a registered Canada immigration consultants in dubai. Our services are personalized to the requirements of consumers, taking into account their requests, preferences, and plans. We take delight in servicing our customers and supporting them in obtaining their perfect wishes at the lowest possible cost. Additionally, the support ranges from basic visa processes to giving legal counsel as needed. Giant Migration also provides low-cost solutions as well as professional advise on how to make a living in all of the nations such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia including several other nations. The top immigration consultants in Dubai for Canada adapt each person’s journey to their preferences, expectations, and level of comfort, providing a stress-free and easy journey out of Dubai and into their chosen destination. Additionally, each employee is well-versed in the immigration regulations of each nation and will design your process appropriately. Accreditations: CICC and MARA certified


  1. IMM Consultants
  • IMM Consults is Dubai’s first boutique approach immigration consulting, advising customers seeking immigration to Canada, the United States, Denmark, Poland, New Zealand, and Australia. The organization has been offering immigration services for over ten years and are Canada approved immigration consultants in dubai. They employ certified practitioners and advisers, as well as members of The Law Society of Upper Canada and the American Immigration Lawyers Association. They are professionals in providing tailored solutions according to the requirements of the applicants. Student visas, work permits, spouse visas, and visit visas are among the services they provide. Accreditations: ICCRC and MARA certified


  1. A2W Immigration Consultants
  • Many individuals all around the globe dream of exploring Canada. One of the top immigration consultants in dubai for Canada are the most often asked question among those seeking immigration since it is a land of opportunities. Every year, over 300,000 individuals come to Canada to pursue their aspirations of a brighter future. Canada is now one of the top alternatives for individuals looking to migrate to other top-tier nations. A2W Consultants, the best Canada Immigration Consultants in Dubai, can assist you in achieving your relocation objectives. If you wish to do so, make sure you get expert help from Dubai’s top Canada Immigration Consultation. You may enjoy a stress-free immigration to Canada with A2W Consultants. Accreditations: ICCRC and MARA certified


Eligibility for Canadian Immigration in 2023

The following are the general qualifying conditions immigration in 2023 through Canada immigration consultants in Dubai:

  • Age – Applicants between the ages of 18 and 35 get the most points.
  • Qualifications – Class 12 qualification (minimum). It is vital to remember that applicants with strong academic records and credentials get the most CRS points for ECA (Educational Credential Assessment).
  • Language Proficiency – Applicants must have English language fluency. A high IELTS score assures more CRS points in the EE (Express Entry) pool.
  • Relevant Work Experience – A strong work experience record might help applicants get high CRS scores. Work experience certificates from former employers or organizations in related fields demonstrate that the individual is skilled and knowledgeable in a certain subject and sector.
  • Health – Applicants with excellent health and clean backgrounds (or no current criminal case) gain more CRS points.



Whether you wish to Study, Work, Visit, Invest, or Move to Canada, contact Giant Migration immediately. Giant Migration is the top Canada immigration consultants in UAE as well in the Middle East, as an accredited immigration consultant, we aspire for customer satisfaction with honesty and devotion while servicing worldwide customers. The consultant is always willing to go the additional mile to help applicants realize their ambition of migrating to Canada.


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